What Can Your Home Do for You?

Choose professional home automation installation in St. Louis, MO

Imagine turning on the lights without having to get up. Or asking your bathroom mirror for the weather forecast. With today’s smart technology, your home can make daily life a whole lot easier.

Castle Solutions in St. Louis, MO offers custom home automation installation to make your home work better for you. We provide full installation of your smart devices, even if we have to remodel your home to make your devices fit. We’ll also connect all of your smart devices to a secure Control4 network so you can control your home easily.

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Home automation is a smart idea

Smart home automation has become a popular feature in a lot of homes. Modern devices, like smart thermostats and alarm systems, offer significant advantages, such as:

Easier living
Our professionals can install smart home lights, outlets, whole-home audio systems and appliances that you can control from your smart devices.

Better security
Securing and monitoring your home has never been easier. We’ll hook you up with top-of-the-line smart locks and security cameras that you can control from anywhere.

Controlled climate
With smart thermostats and climate control systems, you’ll never have to fiddle with your thermostat again. Smart technology can even help reduce and minimize your energy use.

Improve your daily living with programmable smart home devices. Learn more about the benefits of home automation installation by clicking the button below.